Advising Services

To contact us, email or use drop-in advising. This is the best way to reach us - please avoid emailing individual advisors.

You’ve heard the expression: two heads are better than one. We know just how true that is. Advising is a collaborative experience where students and advisors focus on the long view while overcoming any potential obstacles. This relationship requires participation and involvement from both parties. Ultimately, you are in control so your advisor is always mindful that you are ultimately responsible for your educational experience.

What You Can Expect From Your Advisor? They will:

  • Provide knowledge of requirements, policies, rules regarding curriculum, graduation requirements, and academic integrity
  • Encourage and guide you to define clear, realistic educational plans
  • Accurately explain procedures and deadlines
  • Help you navigate the University community while teaching you to utilize the resources for yourself
  • Assist you in learning how to work with University faculty and staff
  • Be accessible via email and appointments
  • Listen carefully to questions, concerns, and issues
  • Treat you with respect

What your Advisor Can Expect From You? You will:

  • Read university, school, and department guidelines to ensure you know your roles and responsibilities
  • Schedule advising and registration appointments (define each appointment) and be prepared
  • Ask questions
  • Be organized and active in your academic progress including course planning, academic progress, exploring career options and graduate school
  • Follow through with referrals and utilize suggested resources
  • Make your own decisions
  • Be on time
  • Be respectful 

If something comes up at a time when you don’t have a scheduled appointment, you may see the drop-in advisor during drop-in. Drop-in advising is designed to answer quick questions, discuss experiential learning opportunities, etc. Typically, these touchpoints last less than five minutes. This helps ensure quick service to all students with walk-in type needs – even as you run between classes. If you need to meet with an advisor for a more complex situation, please schedule an appointment.

Students are generally pleased to learn that course registration can be completed online. Still, to keep you on track, University policy states that students must meet with an academic advisor for a pre-registration appointment* prior to being able to self-register. The Registrar’s Office places a registration hold on all student accounts until you have met with your advisor for that appointment. So, remember that you must communicate with an academic advisor for a pre-registration appointment to be able to self-register each semester.

Declared psychology majors will receive an email from the Undergraduate Psychology Advising Office ( approximately the fourth week of each fall and spring term with instructions for resolving the ADV hold. Remember that all correspondence will go to your Pitt email.

*If you are a dual or double major, you may meet either departmental advisor to resolve your enrollment hold.

Are you looking to obtain permission to enroll in a psychology undergraduate course? Please visit our permission number page for details and instructions.