Core Programs of Study

Biological & Health Program

Graduate students who are admitted into the Biological and Health Psychology Program will have the opportunity to engage in research in any of five general areas of concentration: Psychoneuroimmunology and Behavioral Oncology, Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine, Addiction and Psychopharmacology, Lifestyle and Health Behaviors, and Health Neuroscience and Neurobehavioral Genetics. Learn more »

Clinical Program

The aim of the program is to train clinical scientists who will apply basic psychological and biological knowledge to the understanding of major clinical psychological and health problems. Learn more »

Cognitive Program

The Program in Cognitive Psychology offers research and training leading to the PhD in psychology, preparing students for jobs in academic and nonacademic settings. Learn more »

Developmental Program

The Developmental Psychology Program trains students at the doctoral level in the major areas of development including socio-emotional development, cognitive development, language development, and social-cognitive development. Learn more »

Social Program

The goal of the Social Program is to prepare students to make significant empirical and theoretical contributions to social psychology. Learn more »