PSY Permission Numbers

Please complete the Qualtrics form to request a permission number for a psychology course

Closed Class, Requisites Not Met, Department Consent Required, and Career Restriction: Consent to enroll in a course must be obtained from the instructor teaching the course and must be in written, email form to be uploaded within the Qualtrics form. The consent document from the instructor must indicate:

  • the name and number of the psychology course, 
  • the PeopleSoft 5 digit Class Number (e.g., Psychopathology, PSY 0205, 12114),
  • the student’s full name and PeopleSoft #, and
  • the reason for the consent (closed class, prerequisite, etc.)

AP scores and/or transfer pre-requisite courses not yet posted to Pitt record: You will need to upload your AP report or transcript within the Qualtrics form.

Once you have submitted the Qualtrics form it will be reviewed and if approved, a permission number will be generated and emailed to you to use for self-enrollment. All correspondance will come from

We are unable to provide permission to override the waitlist for any reason.


A note for CGS post-bac and/or guest students:

If you have taken a pre-requisite (PSY 0010 Intro to Psychology) at another institution you will need to provide a copy of your transcript. We do NOT have access to the transcripts you submit to CGS. If you are not able to provide us with a copy of your transcript (through either method listed above) you will need to obtain permission from the instructor to waive the pre-requisite.


Permission for PSY 1900, 1903, 1907, and 1970:

Each have their own specific enrollment processes. Do not complete the permission number request form to enroll in these courses. Instructions for enrollment can be found on their respective websites below:

PSY 1900 Supervised Field Placement

PSY 1903 Directed Research S/NC

PSY 1907 Directed Research LG

PSY 1970 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant