The psychology major is built on a strong foundation of the scientific method, while allowing students to explore and engage psychology, as both a discipline and a career. As a natural science department in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, the psychology major focuses on developing strong research and analytic skills, while introducing students to a breadth of psychological topics, including understanding behavior through clinical, cognitive, developmental, health, and social psychology.

During your time in the psychology department, it is strongly encouraged for you to complement your coursework with an exciting listing of opportunities, such as directed research and internships, to prepare you for a variety of career and graduate school paths.

In addition to the directed research program, our department also offer honors in psychology for those students who want to conduct their own research under the mentorship of one of our faculty members.


The department is committed to expanding diversity in psychological science. As part of our efforts, we offer the Hot Metal Bridge Program This 8-month fellowship program combines research, coursework, and mentorship aimed at preparing promising individuals for doctoral level study in Psychology or a related discipline.


Graduate education is built on a foundation of research experience and coursework.  Students work in the laboratory with a faculty advisor, developing the knowledge and skills required for an in-depth understanding of their area of study.  Coursework typically compliments this research experience; classes include research methods, statistics, foundational courses, and topical seminars.
The Psychology Department is also committed to providing opportunities for students to develop their skills as teachers.  All students participate in a teaching seminar and are required to teach a course as part of their graduate training. Students interested in emphasizing teaching career opportunities are encouraged to take advantage of additional teaching opportunities (and possible certificate???).
Finally, students are encouraged to extend their educational experiences outside the classroom and lab by participating in departmental colloquia, journal clubs, a professional development seminar series, and both clinical and non-clinical internship opportunities.

Teaching Program

The Teaching Program is a home for teaching-focused faculty and graduate students. Its activities include the discussion and dissemination of ideas from the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, a graduate seminar, the development of the Teaching Handbook, and a Certificate in the Teaching of Psychology for interested graduate students.