University of Pittsburgh Psychology Club

University of Pittsburgh Psychology Club is an on-campus club founded in the fall of 2004, with the outlook of providing psychology enthusiasts with a fun, out-of-class environment that still encouraged academic growth and immersion with people of similar interests.  As a result, the club reflects the more social aspect of academic psychology.  In the past, University of Pittsburgh Psychology Club has sponsored panel discussions, psych-related lectures, movie nights, game nights and volunteer opportunities, in addition to some purely fun events like kayaking and football tailgating.  All of these events were free of charge to members.

The officers would like to welcome and encourage you to join their ranks and, in doing so, help direct the club towards even more exciting activities this school year.

Eligibility is based solely on having status as a University of Pittsburgh student. Overall GPA, credits taken and chosen major does not affect the acceptance of a student’s application.

You can return this application, along with the $15.00 year-long membership fee, to any officer at any general body meeting that is held virtually this year. Questions can be directed to Panther Psych club's email address.