Directed Reading

Directed Reading (PSY 1902) is intended for students wishing to study an area not covered by or regularly offered in an existing course. Students may use 3 credits of PSY 1902 to fulfill one of the degree course requirements. A maximum of 12 credits of PSY 1900, 1902, 1903, and 1907 combined may be applied toward the B.S. degree, with a maximum of 9 credits under any one course number.  

Please talk to your advisor to determine which requirement this may fulfill for your own degree progress. PSY 1902 is taken for a letter grade. 

Guidelines for PSY 1902 Directed Reading »
Guidelines for prerequisites, credit hours, registration, and responsibilities.

Directed Reading Learning Agreement »
Read the link to pursue a directed reading opportunity. 

There is a form to be completed, signed by your faculty member and processed in the Advising Office before the end of add/drop for the term. This is required before you will be able to register for the course. All University registration deadlines apply to PSY 1902.


  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Completion of relevant coursework based on topic
  • Permission of faculty sponsor

Credit Options

Credits are determined by the number of hours spent and should be discussed with the faculty sponsor.

  • 1 credit = 55 hours
  • 2 credits = 85 hours
  • 3 credits = 120 hours

Registering for PSY 1902

  • You must approach an instructor who is an expert in the area of interest. If the instructor agrees to direct the reading course, a topic, tentative reading list, and grading system are agreed to. You and the instructor must complete a Learning Agreement.
  • Email the completed learning agreement to the Psychology Advising Office tat for review. Once reviewed, a permission code for self-enrollment will then be emailed.
  • You will meet with the instructor at least once a week to discuss the readings. It is recommended that you prepare written notes and comments on the readings each week.
  • By the last week of classes, you will submit to the faculty sponsor a final reading list with notes on the readings and any papers written.
  • The instructor reports the grade during exam week.