Clinical-Developmental Joint Program

Application Deadline: December 1

Clinical-Developmental Program Faculty

Students with interests in clinical child psychology, child psychopathology, and child development are invited to apply to the Joint Program in Clinical and Developmental Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Likewise, students whose primary interests are in normative developmental processes are encouraged to apply to this joint training program if they wish to understand normative processes of change through the study of abnormal development (e.g., psychopathology, neurological disorder, congenital risk), or if they are interested in applying developmental research to the needs of children and families in clinical or community settings.

The goal of this program is to train students to conduct meaningful and clinically-informed research on issues pertaining to child development and family functioning in clinical or at-risk populations.

The program includes a thorough grounding in the theories and methods of both clinical and developmental psychology, including practicum and internship requirements, on the assumption that familiarity with clinical issues, clinical methods, and clinical populations is necessary for the conduct of high quality research on a variety of topics with applied or social policy implications. Similarly, work with children and families requires a thorough background in the theories and methods of developmental psychology.

The program adheres to American Psychological Association (APA) accreditation guidelines for clinical psychology programs, and as part of Pitt’s Clinical Program, is fully accredited. Research and practicum experiences are tailored to emphasize work with children and families. Like all the programs in the Department of Psychology, this joint program relies on an apprenticeship model of research training, with students participating in the ongoing research of a faculty member, usually their advisor, from early in their graduate student career. In terms of clinical training, students complete practicum requirements in the departmental clinic, as well as at other sites connected with the University medical center. In addition, students must complete a one-year, full-time internship at a setting accredited by the APA.

Students who are admitted to this program have the opportunity to work with both child clinical faculty, developmental faculty, and some affiliated faculty. The advisory committees of students in the joint program are made up of faculty from the two programs. There are numerous opportunities for research on a range of topics that bring together clinical and developmental issues. It should be emphasized that clinical and developmental faculty are involved in collaborative research together and with faculty from other areas of the University such as pediatrics, psychiatric epidemiology, child psychiatry and education.