Honors in Psychology

The honors designation in psychology offers a challenging and interesting research experience, through which students work with a faculty member, write a thesis, and earn the recognition that comes with superior performance. Completion of the honors designation can offer valuable skills that will be helpful in applications to graduate school and for potential employers.

  • Students must complete an application, including all requested materials.
  • Students will enroll in 3 credits of PSY 1973 Honors Directed Research.  This is the first term of research in preparation for the honors major in psychology and includes development of the research problem and approval of the thesis prospectus.  A weekly, one-hour seminar is required. 
  • Students will also enroll in 3 credits of PSY 1975 Honors Thesis.  Undergraduate honors majors in psychology will register for this course for their second term when their thesis proposal has been approved and they are ready to conduct and write up the research. A weekly, one-hour seminar is required. 

These courses are designed to give students academic credits for working on their research project, writing a thesis based on this research in an APA-style manuscript, and presenting and defending this thesis before a faculty committee.

Students must also fill all of the remaining requirements for the psychology major as well as their Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences degree requirements. In addition, they must have a 3.25 overall GPA and a 3.5 psychology GPA at the time of graduation to receive honors in psychology.

Some students also pursue the BPhil degree through the Honors College. In addition, there are a number of funding opportunities available to students pursuing research.