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Travis A. Alvarez, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Psychology
Cognitive & Neuroimaging Tools; Neural Circuitry; Learning
Heather Bachman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Applied Developmental Psychology
School Readiness; Achievement; Home & Classroom Processes; Low-income Families
Josefina Bañales, PhD
Assistant Professor, Developmental Psychology
Youth and families of color; youth critical consciousness; parent racial socialization, youth civic and political engagement; youth racial identity; anti-racism action
Scott Beach, Ph.D.
Director of Survey Research, UCSUR
Aging; Caregiver Stress; Elder Abuse; Technology for Aging/Disabled Populations
James Becker, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychiatry
Human Memory Disorders
Kevin Binning, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Kathleen Blee, Ph.D.
Dean, DSAS
Identity Transformation; Affiliation with Political Extremism
Dana H. Bovbjerg, Ph.D.
Director of Biobehavioral Oncology, UPCI
Biobehavioral Factors in Oncology; Mind, Brain & Cancer
Celia Brownell, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Early Prosocial Development; Social/Emotional Understanding; Socialization
Susan B. Campbell, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Psychology
Socio-Emotional Development; Parent-Child Relationships; Behavior Problems
Melinda Ciccocioppo
Lecturer, Psychology
Social-Cognitive Processes within Romantic Relationships; Gender
Jeffrey Cohn, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Emotion; Social Interaction; Depression; OCD; Facial Expressions; Affect
Jennifer Cousins, Ph.D.
Lecturer II, Psychology
Social & Biological Changes of Sleep During Development; Emotion Regulation
Marc Coutanche, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning; Memory & Perception
David Creswell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology, CMU
Stress; Self-Affirmation; Mindfulness; Emotions; Consciousness; Neuroscience
Jill M. Cyranowski, Ph.D.
Director, Clinical Psychology Center
Depression/Anxiety Treatment; Physiology of Stress & Depression in Relationships
Mary Amanda Dew, Ph.D.
Director, Clinical Epidemiology Program
Behavioral Medicine; Health Psychology; Research Methodology
Michael Walsh Dickey, PhD
Associate Professor, SHRS
Aphasia Processing; Grammatical Language; Semantic & Discourse Comprehension
Shannon D. Donofry
Research Assistant Professor, Psychology
Mood and anxiety; health neuroscience; eating and weight regulation.
Kirk Erickson, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Cognitive Aging Methods; Exercise; Improving Cognition
Julie Fiez, Ph.D.
Chair, Psychology
Cognitive & Educational Neuroscience of Reading, Language, Math, & Learning
Erika Forbes, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychiatry
Adolescence; Developmental Psychopathology; Neural Reward Systems
Amanda Forest, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Close Relationships; Emotional Expressivity; Support Provision; Self-Esteem
Ellen Frank, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry
Scott Fraundorf, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Experience & Language Comprehension; Metacognition & Learning
Irene Frieze, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor, Psychology
Relationship Violence; Immigration; Motivation; Women & Gender
Jennifer Ganger, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Psychology
Language Acquisition
Avniel Ghuman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, Neurobiology, Psychology, and Psychiatry
Computational neuroscience, Cognitive neuroscience of reading, object recognition, face perception, and social and affective perception
Peter J. Gianaros, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Neurobiology of Stress; Socioeconomic Status; Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Tina R. Goldstein, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Early-onset mood disorders, pediatric bipolar disorder, risk prediction and psychosocial interventions for youth mood disorders and suicidality
Martin Greenberg, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Psychology
Victimization; Social Influence, Comparison & Support; Cognition & Affect
Martica Hall, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Mechanisms of Sleep; Stress; Cardiovascular Disease & Aging
Lauren S. Hallion, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Anxiety; Cognition-Emotion Interactions; Worry; Experimental Psychopathology
Jamie L. Hanson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Reward & Decision Making; Development & Psychopathology; Stress & Emotion
Shirley Y. Hill, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychiatry
Genetics; Development; Psychological & Biological Antecedents of Alcoholism
Jana Iverson, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Infant Development; Communication & Motor Skills; Developmental Disorder Risks
Richard Jennings, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry
Health Neuroscience; Brain Influences on the Heart in Health & Disease
Thomas W. Kamarck, Ph.D.
Biological & Health Program Chair, Psychology
Stress, Relationships, & Cardiovascular Health; Ecological Assessment Methods
William Klein, Ph.D.
Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychology
Social Psychology; Risk Perception; Decision-Making
Andrew Koffmann, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor Emeritus, Psychology,
Psychotherapy Trajectory; Statistical Approaches to Assessment
Barbara Kucinski, Ph.D.
Lecturer II, Psychology, Psi Chi National Honors Society, University of Pittsburgh Chapter, Faculty Advisor, Panther Psychology Club, Faculty Advisor
Principles of Learning; Biopsychological Processes; Pedagogy
Cecile Ladouceur
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology/Director, Cognitive-Affective Neuroscience & Development Lab
Cynthia Lausberg, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology
Alan Lesgold, Ph.D.
Dean, EDUC
Complex Learning; Intelligent Systems; Impasses in Learning; Argumentation
John Levine, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Psychology
Small Group Processes; Learning in Social Contexts; Online Social Support
Michele Levine, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Weight & Smoking-Related Behavior Change During & After Pregnancy
Diana Leyva, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Family Processes; Minority Families; Early language & Literacy; Early Math
Klaus Libertus, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Learning; Cognitive & Motor Development; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Infancy
Melissa Libertus, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Educational, Developmental, Cognitive Neuroscience; Mathematical Cognition
Emily Lindsay, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Mindfulness interventions; Acceptance; Stress; Psychoneuroimmunology
Beatriz Luna, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychiatry
Cognitive Development in Adolescence; Psychosis & Substance Abuse Risk
Stephen Manuck, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor, Psychology
Cardiovascular Disease; Gene-Environment Interactions; Personality & Temperament
Marsha Marcus, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Psychiatry
Obesity in Adults & Children; Eating Disorder Interventions
Anna Marsland, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Psychosocial Factors on Immune Function; Risk for Immune-Related Disease
Karen Matthews, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Psychiatry
Life Span Development & Cardiovascular Health
Robert B. McCall, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Psychology
Applied Developmental Research & Interventions; Development of Orphanage Children
Brooke Molina, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychiatry
Disruptive Behavior & Substance Use Disorders
Judith Morgan
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Affective Disorders; Parent-Child Interactions; Child Socio-Emotional Development
Audrey J. Murrell, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, CBA
Mentoring; Career Development; Gender; Diversity; Management; Social Identity
Sharon Nelson-Le Gall, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Psychology
Timothy Nokes-Malach, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Knowledge Transfer; Learning & Problem Solving; Motivation
Robert B. Noll, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry
Behavioral Science; Pediatric Oncology; Children & Caregivers
Charles Perfetti, Ph.D.
Director, LRDC
Reading & Language Processes; Learning; Behavioral, ERP, & Neuroimaging Methods
Kenneth Perkins, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychiatry
Effects of Nicotine & Smoking on Persistence of Dependence; Cessation Treatments
Michael F. Pogue-Geile, Ph.D.
Clinical Program Chair, Psychology
Schizophrenia; Genetics; Neuropsychology; Development
Rebecca Reed , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Psychoneuroimmunology; Aging; Emotion Regulation; Close Relationships
Lauren Resnick, Ph.D.
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Psychology
Learning & Development; Scientific Understanding in Children; Shared Cognition
Kathryn A. Roecklein, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Mood; Circadian Biology; Sleep; Behavioral Genetics; Seasonal Affective Disorder
Benjamin M. Rottman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Causal Learning & Reasoning; Experience-Based & Medical Decision Making
Michael Sayette, PhD
Director of Graduate Studies, Psychology
Psychological Theories of Alcohol Use & Abuse; Cigarette Craving, Including fMRI Studies on Impact of Olfactory Cues on Cigarette Craving
Walter Schneider, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Brain Imaging; Traumatic Brain Injury; Connectivity Mapping; Learning
Richard Schulz, Ph.D.
Director, UCSUR
Social Psychological Theories on Adult Development & Aging; Late Life Disease
Karina Schumann, Ph.D.
Social Program Chair, Psychology
Conflict Resolution; Apologies; Forgiving; Revenge; Empathy; Religion; Motivation
Christian Schunn, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
STEM Learning & Reasoning; Engagement; Peer Learning; Complex Learning
Daniel S. Shaw, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor, Psychology
Child Conduct & Emotional Problems; Interventions; Gene/Environment Interactions
Saul Shiffman, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Cigarette Smoking & Nicotine Dependence
Greg J. Siegle, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Emotion & Cognition Interactions; Depression; Anxiety; Affective Psychopathology
Jennifer Silk, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Anxiety; Depression; Childhood; Adolescence; Neurobiological & Social Influences
Jennifer Steel , Ph.D.
Director, Center for Excellence in Behavioral Medicine
Psychoneuroimmunology; Chronic Illness Interventions
Chelsea Stillman, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Aging; Cognitive Preservation and Enhancement; Community-based Interventions; Lifestyle Modification; Mechanisms of Exercise.
Mark Strauss, Ph.D.
Developmental Program Chair, Psychology
Infant Development; Origins of Autism
Sybil Streeter, Ph.D.
Director of Undergraduate Advising, Psychology
Rebecca Thurston, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychiatry
Women's Health; Cardiovascular Disease; Health Disparities; Trauma
Natasha Tokowicz, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Adult Second Language Learning; Bilingualism
Timothy Verstynen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology, CMU
Neuroscience of Action Planning & Skill Learning; Computational Modeling
Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Poverty; Race/Ethnicity; Socioeconomic Disadvantage; Urbanicity; Children
Ming-Te Wang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Achievement; Parenting; School Learning; Socioemotional Development
Tessa Warren, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology
Sentence Comprehension; Syntactic, Semantic, & Referential Processing; Reading
Robert H Wozniak, Ph.D.
Associate Chair, Psychology
History of Psychology; Communication; Development; Autism Spectrum Disorder
Aidan G.C. Wright, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Personality Disorders; Psychopathology; Ambulatory Assessment; Methodology


Jonathan Beuten
Systems Administrator
Amy Bittner
Undergraduate Advisor
Beth Braunsdorf
Undergraduate Advisor
Megan Esquino
Business Coordinator
April Kwiatkowski
Assistant to the Chair
Marianne Page
Clinic Administrator
Bonnie Sampson
Administrative Officer
Francesca Sirianni
Graduate Administrator
Jennifer Stapel
Associate Director, Undergraduate Advising

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