Family Resources

"I enjoy working with the preschoolers the most. They give me so much joy! Especially now that the curriculum is intensive and repetitive enough for the preschoolers to absorb and remember the things they’re learning. Their retention of letters, colors, and shapes is exponential!"

Therapeutic Parents’ and Children’s Center
1425 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Contact Person: Jessica Souply, LSW, SFW,, 412-363-1702  X-1402

Areas of Interest: Developmental psychology, Social work, Education- Early childhood, Special education

Description of Site: Family Resources Therapeutic Preschool supports emotional and social learning and provides pre-kindergarten education services so children who have experienced trauma and children with differences can heal, build confidence, and be successfully enrolled in regular school.       

Duties of Students: Assist in implementing preschool schedule, build rapport with a variety of students through free-play, assist with lesson preparation and implementation, behavior intervention and modification, assist in paperwork and assessments, opportunity for additional experience in SEL learning, Academics, or Family Engagement.

Additional Site Requirements: Students must process new FBI, state police, child abuse, and NSOR clearances with agency HR department. Students must submit 3 letters of reference, resume, physical (set up by HR), TB test, and other onboarding paperwork as required for all child care centers operated through DHS. 

Student will complete interview with site supervisor. If selected for internship, student will work with agency HR to complete all paperwork. Only when all required onboarding paperwork is processed may student begin internship. 

ALL CLEARANCES MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE ANY INTERNSHIP HOURS CAN BE SCHEDULED.  Therefore, you will need to submit your application for clearances at least 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the term for which you would like to intern.

Terms Offered:  fall, spring, and summer

Number of Students: Varies