Eric J. Bernstein, Psy.D.

"I have a variety of responsibilities as Dr. Bernstein’s intern. However, the main focus of our time together is him educating me about the work he does, how he does it, and methods he uses. When there is a client in the office I am a silent observer. I take notes only for my own reasons, but he does always discuss the cases with me and asks my opinions." 

Contact Person: Dr. Eric Bernstein,, 412-338-1808, 100 West Station Square, Suite 617 Pittsburgh, PA   15219

Areas of Interest: Forensic Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Social Work

Description: Dr. Bernstein is a practicing, licensed psychologist known for his forensic work in child custody and child protective services domains. He conducts child custody evaluations for those in disputes over parenting time,  performs  evaluations for Office of Children Youth and Family Services (OCYF) regarding  issues of abuse, neglect, and trauma of children, conduct interviews, administers psychological testing, evaluates parent/child relationships, and makes recommendations to the courts, Child Protective Services, and parents. Supervised Field Placement students will observe all aspects of the evaluation process and work under the direct supervision of Dr. Bernstein.  

Duties of Students:  

  • Observe all aspects of clinical work including the interviewing of clients, performance of evaluations, assessment, court testimony, administrative work, and collaboration with professionals. 
  • Some administrative duties including but not limited to filing, organization, and maintenance of cases and office needs.
  • Scoring of psychological testing depending upon student background, prior experience and case appropriateness. 

Site Requirements:

  • Send, via email, fax or regular postal service, a cover letter of interest that includes a clear statement of career goals and resume to Dr. Bernstein, using the above provided contact information.
  • Ideal candidates are those with a professional demeanor, a high level of discretion and a specific interest in the area of forensic psychology as described above.
  • Minimum 3.25 overall GPA and 3.50 PSY GPA  (include on resume or cover letter)
  • Act 33 Clearance:  PA Child Abuse Form
  • Act 34 Clearance: PA Criminal Record Check

General Information: Office is located in a secure office building and all supervised field placement hours will occur during office hours:  9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.  Office is easily accessible by public transportation.  Ample parking is available in an adjacent public parking lot. 

Terms Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer

Number of Students: 3 per term