Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning

"Take the time to learn the software! It is a lot to take in and can be very useful in quantifying brain connections, but it takes a lot of information and experience to operate correctly. For pursuing directed research in general? DO IT! It is all a learning experience and it helps you figure out what aspects of psychology you might like or hate. It is important to get that real life experience to see how the lectures apply to the research world."

Supervising Faculty: Walter Schneider, PhD

Contact: Walter Schneider, PhD,

Area of Research:  Cognitive

Description of Research: The laboratory explores how long-term skill learning can change the activity and structure of brain networks. These skills range from cognitive functions (working memory, executive control, etc.) to simple motor learning. We use a combination of behavioral testing and neuroimaging protocols.

Duties of Students: Student responsibilities will be flexible depending on interests and amount of time dedicated to lab work. General responsibilities will include literature reviews, subject recruitment, behavioral testing, analyzing and organizing data, and participating in lab meetings.


  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • 12 credits of Psychology (including current term)
  • STAT 0200/1000/1100 Statistics
  • PSY 0036 Research Methods Lecture
  • PSY 0037 Research Methods Lab
  • Familiarity with Excel or statistics software preferred but not required.
  • Familiarity with Linux/Unix operating systems preferred but not required.

Terms offered: fall and spring

Number of Students: varies

Additional Information: