Richard Jennings, Ph.D.

  • Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Research Interest Summary

Health Neuroscience; Brain Influences on the Heart in Health & Disease

Research Interests

Representative Publications

Gianaros, P.J., Jennings J.R., Sheu, L.K., Greer, P.J., Kuller, L.H., & Matthews, K.A. (2007). Prospective reports of chronic life stress predict decreased grey matter volume in the hippocampus. NeuroImage, 35,795-802 .

Gianaros, P.J., Jennings J.R., Sheu, L.K., Derbyshire, S.W.G., & Matthews, K.A. (2007). Heightened functional neural reactivity to psychological stress covaries with exaggerated blood pressure reactivity. Hypertension, 49, 134-140.

Gianaros, P.J., Greer, P.J., Ryan, C.M., & Jennings, J.R. (2006). Higher blood pressure predicts lower regional grey matter volume: Consequences on short-term information processing. NeuroImage, 31, 754-65.

Gianaros PJ, Matthews KA, Jennings JR, Sheu LK, Manuck SB, & Hariri AR (2008). Individual differences in stressor-evoked blood pressure reactivity vary activation, volume, and functional connectivity of the amygdala. Journal of Neuroscience, 28, 990-999.

Hall M, Muldoon MF, Jennings JR, Buysse DJ, Flory JD, Manuck SB. Self-reported Sleep Duration is Associated with the Metabolic Syndrome in Mid-life Adults. Sleep, 31(5):635-643, 2008.

Egizio, V. B., Jennings, J. R., Christie, I. C., Shue, L. K., Matthews, K. A., Gianaros, P. J. (2008). Cardiac-vagal activity during psychological stress varies with social functioning in older women. Psychophysiology, 45(6), 1046-1054.

Jennings, J.R., & Zanstra, Y. (2009)Is the brain the essential in hypertension? Neuroimage, 47(3), 914-921.

Jennings, J.R. & Egizio, V.B. (in press). How psychophysiology contributes to health psychology. In A.S. Baum, T.A. Revenson, J.E. Singer (Eds.) Handbook of Health Psychology, 2nd Ed. New York: Psychology Press.

Egizio, V. B., Eddy, M., Robinson, M., Jennings, J. R. (in press). Estimating the influence of respiratory parameters on heart rate variability: A comparison of pnuemotachography & respiratory belt measurement. Psychophysiology

Jennings, J.R., van der Veen, F.M., & Meltzer, C.C. (2006). Verbal and spatial working memory in older individuals: A positron emission tomography study. Brain Research, 1092, 177-189.

Jennings, J.R.: The autoregulation of blood pressure and thought: Preliminary results of an application of brain imaging to psychosomatic medicine. Psychosomatic Medicine,65:384-395, 2003.

Monin, J.K., Schulz, R., Martire, L.M., Jennings, J.R., Lingler, J.H., & Greenberg, M.S. (2010) Spouses cardiovascular reactivity to their partners suffering. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 10,1-7.

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