Laboratory for Psychopathology and Behavior Genetics

The Laboratory focuses on the etiology of schizophrenia, with a primary emphasis on investigating genetic influences using endophenotype strategies.  Neuropsychological and developmental aspects of schizophrenia are also studied as they relate to this overall goal.   Based on our previous family and twin studies, the lab is currently pursuing these questions with a collaborative, multi-site (Pitt, U. of Penn, and Texas) study of large pedigree (at least 12 family members), multiplex (at least two schizophrenia relatives) families (total 767 participants).  Patients and their relatives have been comprehensively assessed for psychopathology and neuropsychological performance and genotyped for a genome-wide linkage scan (400 genetic markers).  Participants (anticipated n=600) are currently being reassessed with brain imaging (sMRI, fMRI, and DTI). 

Principal Investigator: Michael F. Pogue-Geile, PhD
Location: 4209 Sennott Square
Contact: 412-624-8818,