Directed Research Opportunities - PSY 1903

What steps are involved? 

1. Explore:  If you're interested in becoming a research assistant, we recommend that you first look at the directed research opportunities listed below. The prerequisites for Directed Research are a minimum overall GPA of 3.0; 12 completed credits of psychology (including current term); STAT 0200, 1000, or 1100; and either PSY 0035 Research Methods, or both PSY 0036 Research Methods Lecture and PSY 0037 Research Methods Lab.

2. Apply: Once you have a list of a few opportunities that interest you, follow the directions listed under those opportunities. Some may have an application form that you can fill out to apply to work in that faculty member's lab. Some may ask that you email someone in addition to completing the application. If no application form is available, email the contact person.

3. Wait: Give it a little while—it may take a couple of weeks before you hear back from the labs that you applied to. If you don't hear back in 2-3 weeks, it is appropriate to send a follow-up email noting that you have applied but not yet heard back. Something like: Dear Dr. XX, I applied to be a directed research student in your lab on X date but have not yet heard back from you. I am writing to follow up to ask if you are accepting students at this time.

4. Interview: You will likely be asked to interview with the labs you have applied to work in. Some labs have a multi-tiered interview process in which you will first be interviewed by a graduate student or staff member, and then be interviewed by the faculty member. 

5. Choose: If you have been accepted into multiple labs, you will need to choose which one to join. You may want to try to talk to other students who have been in these labs. The Psychology Advising office may also have good advice for you about this.

6. Complete:  Once you accept an offer, you'll need to complete the learning agreement - in part by you and in part by the faculty advisor. PSY 1903 Learning Agreement

7. Send:  Send the completed learning agreement and a transcript (unofficial is fine) to for review and to request a permission number to enroll.

8. Enroll:  Use the permission number provided by the Psychology Advising Office to self-enroll.