Archival Scholar Research Awards (ASRA)

The University Library System (ULS) in partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is pleased to offer the Archival Scholar Research Awards (ASRA) opportunity to a diverse community of undergraduate scholars and researchers from the humanities at the University of Pittsburgh.  Since the program’s inception in 2016, ASRA students, who represent a variety of disciplines, interests, and research agendas, have conducted original research using archives, special collections, and primary sources. 

The ASRA program offers the ULS and OUR a positive opportunity to connect with faculty mentors and the ASRA students.  Students assist the ULS with some important collections work that supports both their individual research projects as well as enhancing discoverability of library resources.  For instance, former ASRA students generated detailed information about our holdings of the Black Panther publication, the Elizabeth Nesbitt Children’s collection, and underground newspapers and publications; this information was shared and made available through the ULS LibGuides.  A student assigned to the Frick Fine Arts Library (FFAL) researched how feminist artist books and periodicals address feminist issues and how that culminated in the artistic choices of the artist and authors.  Several students created Tumblr posts to share their research and discussed the major themes, correspondents, events, locations, and significant dates related to their work.  A couple of students have compiled annotated bibliographies of archival material to help identify major themes, correspondents, events, locations, and significant dates.  

The ULS and OUR look forward to supporting ASRA students in their research and discoveries for years to come!