Marc Coutanche, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor, Psychology

Graduate Student Advisees:

  • Heather Bruett 
  • Griffin Koch

Education & Training

  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Research Interest Summary

Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning; Memory & Perception

Research Interests

Representative Publications

Anzellotti, S. and Coutanche, M.N. (2018). Beyond Functional Connectivity: Investigating networks of multivariate representations. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 22(3), 258–269.

Coutanche, M.N. and Koch, G.E. (2018). Creatures great and small: Real-world size of animals predicts visual cortex representations beyond taxonomic category. NeuroImage, 183, 627-634.

Coutanche, M.N. and Koch, G.E. (2017). Variation across individuals and items determine learning outcomes from fast mapping. Neuropsychologia, 106, 187–193.

Coutanche, M.N. and Thompson-Schill, S.L. (2015). Creating concepts from converging features in human cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 25(9), 2584–2593.

Accepting Graduate Students