Jill M. Cyranowski, Ph.D.

  • Director, Clinical Psychology Center
  • Associate Professor, Psychology

Education & Training

  • PhD, The Ohio State University

Research Interest Summary

Depression/Anxiety Treatment; Physiology of Stress & Depression in Relationships

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, my research focuses on the etiology and treatment of depression and anxious-depression in adults.  My current research themes explore: (1) the impact of life stress (including early childhood trauma) on the pathophysiology of depression and anxiety; (2) the influence of social support on modulating stress and maintaining mental health; and (3) developing, disseminating and determining mechanisms of action of psychotherapeutic treatments for depression and anxious-depression, with an emphasis on adaptations of interpersonal therapy (IPT). 

Representative Publications  

Stone LB, Amole MC, Cyranowski JM, Swartz HA.  History of childhood emotional abuse predicts lower resting-state high-frequency heart rate variability in depressed women.  Psychiatry Research, 269:681-687, 2018. 

Swartz HA, Cyranowski JM, Cheng Y, Amole M.  Moderators and mediators of a maternal depression treatment study: Impact of maternal trauma and parenting on child outcomes.  Comprehensive Psychiatry, 86:123-130, 2018. 

Flores, LE, Cyranowski JM, Amole M, Swartz HA. Prospective assessment of social network quality among depressed mothers treated with brief psychotherapy: The Social Network Quality (SNQ) scales.  Comprehensive Psychiatry, 78:98-106, 2017. 

Amole MA, Cyranowski JM, Conklin LR, Markowitz JC, Martin SE, Swartz HA. Therapist use of specific and nonspecific strategies across two affect-focused psychotherapies for depression: Role of adherence monitoring.  Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 27(3):381-394, 2017. 

Amole MC, Cyranowski JM, Wright AG, Swartz HA. Depression impacts the physiological responsiveness of mother-daughter dyads during social interaction. Depression and Anxiety, 34(2):118-126, 2017. 

Swartz HA, Cyranowski JM, Cheng Y, Zuckoff A, Brent D, Markowitz JC, Martin S, Ritchey F, Frank E. Brief psychotherapy for maternal depression: Impact on mothers and children. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 55(6):495-503, 2016. 

Wright AGC, Hallquist MN, Swartz HA, Frank E, Cyranowski JM. Treating co-occurring depression and anxiety: Modeling the dynamics of psychopathology and psychotherapy using the time varying effect model. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 82(5), 839-853, 2014. 

Zalewski M, Cyranowski JM, Cheng Y, Swartz HA. Role of maternal childhood trauma on parenting among depressed mothers of psychiatrically ill children. Depression and Anxiety, 30:792–799, 2013. 

Cyranowski JM, Zill N, Bode R, Butt Z, Kelly MAR, Pilkonis PA, Salsman JM, Cella D.  Assessing Social Support, Companionship, and Distress: NIH Toolbox Social Relationship Scales. Health Psychology, 32:293-301, 2013. 

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Cyranowski JM, Swartz HA, Hofkens TL, Frank E. (2009). Emotional and cardiovascular reactivity to a child-focused interpersonal stressor among depressed mothers of psychiatrically-ill children.  Depression and Anxiety 26:110-116, 2009. 

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Swartz, H.A., Frank, E., Zuckoff, A., Cyranowski, J.M., Houck, P.R., Cheng, Y., Fleming, M.A., Grote, N.K., Brent, D.A., & Shear, M.K. (2008). Brief interpersonal psychotherapy for depressed mothers whose children are receiving psychiatric treatment. American Journal of Psychiatry, 165, 1155-1162. 

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Cyranowski JM, Frank E, Young E, Shear MK.  Adolescent onset of the gender difference in lifetime rates of major depression: A theoretical model.  Archives of General Psychiatry 57:21-27, 2000.  

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