University of Pittsburgh

Brownell, Celia

Brownell, Celia

Professor, Developmental Program Chair, Department of Psychology
PhD, University of Minnesota

Primary Program: Developmental Program
All programs: Clinical Program, Developmental Program, Clinical/Developmental Program


3409 Sennott Square
Fax: 412-624-4428

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Research Interests: Development of social skills & social understanding in very young children, especially in prosocial behavior and in peer interaction

Accepting Graduate Students: Yes

Selected Publications

  • Brownell, C., Nichols, S., & Svetlova, M. (in press). Converging developments in prosocial behavior and self-other understanding in the second year of life: The second social-cognitive revolution. To appear in M. Banaji & S. Gelman (Eds.), Social Cognitive Development. (Abstract-pdf)
  • Brownell, C. (2011). Early developments in joint action. Review of Philosophy & Psychology, 2, 193 – 211. (Abstract-pdf)
  • Svetlova, M., Nichols, S., & Brownell, C. (2010). Toddlers’ prosocial behavior: From instrumental to empathic to altruistic helping. Child Development, 81, 1814-1827. (Abstract-pdf)
  • Brownell, C., Nichols, S., Svetlova, M., Zerwas, S. & Ramani, G. (2010). The head bone’s connected to the neck bone: When do toddlers represent their own body topography? Child Development, 81, 797 – 810. (Abstract-pdf)
  • Nichols, S., Svetlova, M. & Brownell, C. (2010). Toddlers’ understanding of their peers’ emotions. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 171, 35 - 53. (Abstract-pdf)
  • Brownell, C., Svetlova, M. & Nichols, S. (2009). To share or not to share: When do toddlers respond to another’s needs? Infancy, 14(1), 117-130. (Abstract-pdf)
  • Nichols, S., Svetlova, M., & Brownell, C. (2009). The role of social understanding and empathic disposition in young children’s responsiveness to distress in parents and peers. Cognition, Brain, Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 4, 449 – 478. (Abstract-pdf)

Honors and Awards

  • Secretary, Division 7 APA, 2011-2014
  • APA Fellow (Division 7), 2007
  • Provost's Award for Excellence in Mentoring, 2006
  • Associate Editor, Infancy, 2005 - present)


Graduate Student Advisees

  • Drummond, Jesse
  • Waugh, Whitney