The Department of Psychology welcomes students of all backgrounds into our undergraduate major, graduate training programs, and research mentorship programs. The Psychology Commitee on Equity, Inclusion, and Community plays a key role in building and supporting a diverse and inclusive community of scholars.

Psychology Committee on Equity, Inclusion, and Community (PEIC) 

PEIC is open to faculty, staff, and students with a shared interest in increasing representation, pride, inclusion, and equity within the department and in the broader research community. Two goals guide its initiatives and activities: (1) to support research addressing diversity, and (2) to increase the involvement of individuals from underrepresented backgrounds in the academic community.

The committee is made up of five subcommittees each with their own specific objectives that operate independently and in conjunction with one another to advance the department's goals. 


1. Undergraduate 

2. The Graduate Equity, Inclusion, and Community Grant 

3. Outreach 

4. Training 

5. Affinity Groups 

To join PEIC, please email Nabila Jamal-Orozco nabila.jamalorozco@pitt.edu or Lorraine Blatt lrb66@pitt.edu with your interest. 


The Summer Undergraduate Psychology Research Experience (SUPRE) Program, supported by a grant from the American Psychological Program, was launched in 2017. It offers undergraduates from underrepresented backgrounds a stipend to spend 8 weeks working with a faculty mentor on a research project.

Scholarships: The Undergraduate Subcommittee of PEIC has identified several scholarships that are specific to underrepresented students. Please note that while these scholarships are not offered through the psychology department, they may be helpful in funding a student's undergraduate education at PITT. 


Post-baccalaureate and Graduate Students

The department partners with the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences to offer the Hot Metal Bridge Program — a two semester post-baccalaureate fellowship for underrepresented students that bridges the gap between undergraduate education and graduate training. The comprehensive program prepares students to apply and attend doctoral programs in psychology or related disciplines. 

Graduate students from underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds are eligible for fellowships from the Dietrich School. The department nominates candidates fellowships on the basis of information provided by applicants to our training programs.

We encourage students to become involved with the diversity committee!