Jennifer Hirsch

  • Teaching Assistant Professor, Psychology

Education & Training

  • BS, Carnegie Mellon University
  • PhD, Yale University

Research Interest Summary

Close relationships, emotion, and the need to belong

Research Interests

As a researcher, I integrate relational context with other social and personality constructs. Some of my work broadens the conceptualization of what it means to belong by integrating literatures that crosscut psychological perspectives and theories. For instance, the development of close relationships, striving for general approbation, belonging to groups, and having minor social interactions can all influence a sense of belonging as well as interact with one another. Some of my other work emphasizes how relational processes shape people's emotional worlds via the way emotions serve as powerful signals to the self and to others about one's needs. The nature of our relationships shape who we express to and what we express which, in turn, shapes that relational bond.  

Representative Publications: 

Hirsch, J.L. & Clark, M.S. (2019). Multiple paths to belonging that we should study together. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 14(2), 238-255.

Von Culin, K.R., Hirsch, J.L., & Clark, M.S. (2018). Willingness to express emotion depends upon perceiving partner care. Cognition and Emotion, 32(3), 641-650


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