Jennifer Ganger, Ph.D.

  • Teaching Professor, Psychology
  • Associate Chair

Education & Training

  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interest Summary

Language Acquisition

Research Interests

Representative Publications

Jennifer Ganger, Steven Pinker, Sonia Chawla, & Allison Baker. (Under revision to resubmit). (2009). The Heritability of Early Milestones of Vocabulary and Grammar: A Twin Study.

Ganger, J., Dunn, S., & Gordon, P.  (2005). Genes take over when the input fails: A twin study of the passive. Boston University Conference on Language Development Online Proceedings Supplement

Ganger, J. & Brent, M. (2004) Re-examining the vocabulary spurt. Developmental Psychology, 4, 621-632.

Babyonyshev, M., Ganger, J.B., Pesetsky, D., & Wexler, K. (2001). The maturation of grammatical principles: Evidence from Russian unaccusatives. Linguistic Inquiry, pp. 1-44.

Jennifer Ganger & Karin Stromswold. (1998). Innateness, evolution, and genetics of language. Human Biology, 70, 199-213.

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