Brian Galla, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Applied Developmental Psychology

Graduate Student Advisees

Michael Tumminia; Applied Developmental Psychology

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interest Summary

Mindfulness; Mental Health; Educational Psychology; Adolescence; Emerging Adulthood

Research Interests

My research examines how self-control and mindfulness contribute to positive development from adolescence to young adulthood.


Representative Publications

Warren, M. T., Galla, B. M., & Grund, A. (in press). Using Whole Trait Theory to unite trait and state mindfulness. Journal of Research in Personality.


Tumminia, M. J., DeVlieger, S. E., Colvin, S., Akiva, T., & Galla, B. M. (2022). Adolescents’ experiences of distress and well-being during intensive mindfulness practice: A mixed-methods study. Mindfulness, 13, 1971-1983.


Galla, B. M., Choukas-Bradley, S., Fiore, H. M., & Esposito, M. V. (2021). Values-alignment messaging boosts adolescents’ motivation to control their social media use. Child Development, 92(5), 1717-1734.


Galla, B. M., Tsukayama, E., Yu, A., Park, D., & Duckworth, A. L. (2020). The mindful adolescent: Developmental changes in nonreactivity to inner experiences and its associations with emotional well-being. Developmental Psychology, 56(2), 350-363.


Kirk-Johnson, A., Galla, B. M., & Fraundorf, S. (2019). Perceiving effort as poor learning: The misinterpreted-effort hypothesis of how experienced effort and judgments of learning relate to study strategy choice. Cognitive Psychology, 115, 101237.


Galla, B. M., Amemiya, J., & Wang, M.-T. (2018). Using expectancy-value theory to understand academic self-control. Learning and Instruction, 58, 22-33.


Galla, B. M. (2017). “Safe in my own mind:” Supporting healthy adolescent development through meditation retreats. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 53, 96-107.

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