Audrey J. Murrell, Ph.D.

  • Associate Dean, CBA

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Delaware

Research Interest Summary

Mentoring; Career Development; Gender; Diversity; Management; Social Identity

Research Interests

Mentoring and Career Development, Gender and Diversity in Organizations, Minority/Women Contracting and Supplier Diversity; Social Issues in Management; Social Identity Theory and Applications.

Representative Publications

Murrell, A.J. and Zagenczyk, T. (2006). Gender, Race and Role Model Status: Exploring the Impact of Informal Developmental Relationships on Management Careers. In, M. Karsten (Ed.), Gender, Ethnicity and Race in the Workplace, Westwood, CT: Greenwood/Praeger Publishers.

Bangs, R., Murrell, A.J. and Higgins, M. (2007). Racial discrimination in public contracting. Journal of Health and Social Policy, Vol 23(2).

Murrell, A.J., Forte-Trammel, S. and Bing, D. (2008). Intelligent Mentoring: How IBM Creates Value through People, Knowledge and Relationships, Pearson Publishers.

Blake-Beard, S., Murrell, A.J. and Thomas, D.A. (2007). Unfinished Business: The Impact of Race on Understanding Mentoring Relationships. In B. Rose-Ragins and K. Kram (Eds.), Handbook on Mentoring, Sage Publications.

Murrell, A.J., Blake-Beard, S., Porter, D.M., and Perkins-Williams, A. (2008). Inter-organizational formal mentoring: Breaking the concrete ceiling sometimes requires support from the outside. Human Resource Management, 47(2), 275-294.

Zagenczyk, T. and Murrell, A.J. (2009). It is better to receive than to give: Advice network effects on job and work-unit attachment. Journal of Business & Psychology, 24(2), 139-152 .

Zagenczyk, T., Scott, K.D., Gibney, R., Murrell, A.J., and Thatcher, J.B. (2010). Social influence and perceived organizational support: A social networks analysis. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 111, 127-138.

Frieze, I.H., Olson, J. E., & Murrell, A. J. (2011). Working beyond 65: Predictors of late retirement for women and men MBAs. Women and Aging, 23(1), 40-57.

Frieze, I.H., Olson, J.E. & Murrell, A.J. (2011). Working beyond 65: Predictors of late retirement for men and women MBAs. Journal of Women and Aging, 23(1), 40-57.

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