Alumni Interviews

Below are brief profiles of Pitt psychology alumni who agreed to be interviewed. If you click on each person's name, you can see the full interview where participants speak about what they currently do, the skills they gained from the psychology major that they are now using in their careers, what extracurricular and experiential learning activities they were involved in as a student, what they did upon graduating from Pitt, and how they conducted their job search. They each end their interview with advice for current psychology undergrads and tips for pursuing similar pathways. 


Katherine Blakeslee, Project Management


Alyssa Cypher, Mental Health Advocacy


Teri Deal, Research and Teaching 


Dorinda Fella, Human Resources 

Joseph Friedman, Technology and User Experience Design 


Roderick Mason, Non-Profit Management 


Debbie Rice, Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling