Graduate School

If you’re visiting this page, chances are you are either giving serious thought to attending graduate school or have already made a decision to do just that.  This information can help you along that path.  

Beginning the Graduate School Application Process

Applying to graduate school is a process. There are multiple steps involved not only in completing the application and searching for programs that are “a good fit” but also in understanding the field you are interested in pursuing. As with so many aspects of life, though, finding "a good fit" is different for every student. You  you will need to explore individually while seeking support from advisors, faculty members, graduate students and various other resources on campus. The application itself consists of:

Choosing a Program

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a graduate program. The first is your academic profile (which was discussed in the folders and links provided) including GPA, GRE scores, research and/or relevant experience, and letters of recommendation. The next is researching program information including accreditation, focus, research mentor (if applicable), financial compensation or aid and last, but certainly not least, overall fit.

Additional Resources