University of Pittsburgh Advising Center

"I really enjoy interacting with the advising staff. I am actually very interested in pursuing academic advising as a career so it is very rewarding to discuss what they enjoy about academic advising and how they decided to become an advisor, especially because there are such a variety of paths that everyone has taken."

Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences
201 Thackeray Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Contact Person: Ed Giles,

Areas of Interest:  Higher Education, Academic Advising, Career Counseling, Student Services

Who we are:

The Advising Center provides academic, career and personal support to undergraduate students in the School of Arts & Sciences, and helps students explore the many academic and experiential resources available to them.


During this internship, participants will gain a broad range of knowledge about higher education, academic advising, and how the advising process works and what is a liberal arts education. Interns will develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills through the weekly classes, mentor meetings and individual and group projects assigned to them. Additionally, interns will learn about The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences general education and major requirements as well as the requirements for other University undergraduate programs and pre-professional programs. They will work individually and in groups and assist the front office staff with answering general questions from students, parents, and staff across the University.

Interns will have the opportunity to work part-time for us as Peer Advisors in advance of and during the summer PittStart programs (First year student orientation sessions), with the option of continuing in the role throughout the following Fall and Spring semesters.


Duties of Intern:

  • Interns will attend a weekly 2-hour class to learn about various topics in advising and higher education as well as interpersonal communication and public speaking skills.
  • Interns will meet with a professional advisor (mentor) on a weekly basis.
  • Interns will be assigned two group projects related to academic advising and the transition to college.
  • Interns will observe staff and assist students at the Advising Center front desk for 1 hour each week.
  • Interns will have several selected reading and writing assignments during the semester.
  • Interns will identify and explore various campus resources and how these resources benefit students.


  • Stop in to the Advising Center (201 Thackeray Hall) or send email to contact person requesting an application.
  • Applications will become available in late Fall every year and are usually due near the end of November.
  • Application will require a resume, letter of interest, and two references.

General Information: 

  • Located on Pitt’s Oakland campus
  • Offered as a 2-credit opportunity only with summer, fall and spring employment opportunities.

Terms Offered:

Number of Students: