Community Human Services

"The thing I enjoy most is participating in mental health clinic. I have an interest in counseling, so it’s enjoyable to watch the sessions. Another thing I appreciate is interacting with residents, and learning about the various personalities of WSC. I also value the weekly intern supervision meetings, because we often talk about current cases/issues, so that is informative."

Community Human Services
2525 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15222

Contact Person: Rebecca LaBovick, RN-BC, Director of Therapeutic Services

Areas of Interest: Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Work

Who we are:

CHS is a community based agency that provides a wide range of services throughout Allegheny County.  Services include Mental Health Residential Programs, Residential Programs, Housing Assistance Programs, Youth Programs with focus on LGBTQI, Health/In-Home Programs, Early Head Start, and Wood Street Commons.  Wood Street Commons is a residential building that houses 259 marginally housed and homeless individuals.

The Program staff work closely with other local agencies to provide a broad range of services, linkages and referrals. Staff participate in the Mental Health Clinic at the Wood Street Commons location and maintain ongoing contact with therapists and physicians in the community in order to provide continuity of care.


Intern will rotate throughout appropriate CHS therapeutic programs or be assigned to a particular department, depending on supervisor availability and student interest.  Supervision will be provided by individual department heads including but not limited to the Director of Therapeutic Services, the Residential Program Director and the Chief Residential Officer.  Opportunities may include accompanying the clinical psychiatric nurse to the Mental Health Clinic located at Wood Street Commons.   The internship will aim to provide the student with a broad exposure to CHS programs, services and general operations as a non-profit agency within a community network of social service agencies. 

Duties of Intern:   Shadow directors, supervisors, multi-disciplinary staff and assist as directed.  Maintain sensitivity toward individuals and families in need of program services.  Attend agency training and program events when available. 


  • Email Contact Person a statement of interest (stating that you are a Psychology major at the University of Pittsburgh interested in the internship) and resume.
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Act 33 Clearance:  PA Child Abuse Form
  • Act 34 Clearance: PA Criminal Record Check
  • Act 73 Clearance: FBI Background Clearance
  • Mental Health Residential Programs require a physical and TB Test current within six months.  The physical must detail that the student if free from communicable disease.

Terms offered: 

fall, spring and summer

Number of Students:

1 per term