Development of Borderline Personality Disorder in Youth

"Being able to participate in this research lab is giving me invaluable experience that I need to secure the psychological research job that I am interested in pursuing.  It is also giving me a different context to apply the information that I learned in all of my psychology classes to real life situations such as in these interview scenarios.  Getting closer to how psychology is applied in the real world has helped me attain a better understanding of it.  "

Supervising Faculty:
Stephanie D. Stepp, Ph.D., and Lori N. Scott, Ph.D.

Betsy Butler,

Area of Research:  Clinical

Description of Research:
The Moody Study examines the role of emotional instability in the development of borderline personality disorder in adolescents. In this study we assess moms and their adolescent children three times over 18 months, including interview assessments, questionnaires, collecting physiological data while they are engaging in interpersonal tasks, and collect ecological momentary assessments regarding emotion and behavior in daily life.

Duties of Students:

  • Data entry and data management
  • Scanning data forms
  • Coding videotapes for behavioral constructs
  • Processing physiological data
  • Managing cell phones and training participants in their use for ecological momentary assessments
  • Running participants through the interaction/physiological data collection task
  • Assisting with preschooler assessments and mother-preschooler dyadic assessments
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Readings to understand the conceptual and theoretical bases for this study

Students will complete a paper or poster at the end of the course. Students are encouraged to present posters at national and international scientific conferences.

Additional Requirements:
Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA and meet the other departmental requirements
2-term commitment preferred

Terms offered: fall, spring and summer

Number of Students: 5