Weight Management and Wellness within a Pediatric Population

"I am gaining knowledge of the field of human behavior and how it affects overall health, as well as studying a population that is underrepresented in the research (bisexual girls and young transmen). This project will help me gain experience and knowlegde for my planned graduate degree in LGBT behavioral public health."


Supervising Faculty:

Dana L. Rofey, Ph.D.
Department of Pediatrics



Nermeen El Nokali, Ph.D.


Area of Research:  Clinical, Developmental/Pediatric, and Behavioral Medicine


Description of Research:

This experience will provide students with an opportunity to: (1) gain exposure to clinical, pediatric, and developmental literatures relevant to overweight children, (2) participate in an on-going research project focusing on depressive symptoms in adolescents with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and obesity, and (3) work within a pediatric population with a team of multidisciplinary providers (e.g., endocrinologists, family medicine physicians, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, behavioral health specialists).


Duties of Students:

Students will gain experience in clinical research and be able to better ascertain whether to pursue a graduate degree. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of research-related activities such as conducting literature searches, preparing participant questionnaires, scoring and entering data, providing feedback on manuscripts, and assisting with presentation preparations.  Depending on interest level, students may also have the opportunity to gain additional clinical experience, data analysis skills, or manuscript preparation.


Additional Requirements:

  • Strong interest in possible post-graduate education
  • Computer experience
  • 2-term commitment required


Terms offered: fall, spring and summer


Number of Students: varies