Decision Processes of Late-Life Suicide

"I'm currently doing research for a presentation I am going to give to the group about alcohol's acute effects on suicidal behavior.  "


Supervising Faculty:

Paul A. Pilkonis, Ph.D.



Laura Kenneally


Area of Research:  Clinical


Description of Research:

Directed research student is needed for a study examining decision processes of mid- and late-life suicide. The student will assist with clinical assessments for patients some of whom recently contemplated or attempted suicide.  In addition, the student will learn about assessments of decision-making. Students who can code will work on processing data from behavioral and brain imaging experiments. Student will gain familiarity with clinical questionnaires and interviews and will have an opportunity to review the relevant literature. Students with a strong quantitative background will have the opportunity to learn about mathematical models of decision-making.  Student may also have the opportunity to assist investigators with writing a manuscript or grant submission on the topic.  The ideal candidate will be motivated, organized, and flexible.   


Additional Requirements:

  •  1-term commitment required


Terms offered: fall and spring


Number of Students: 1