Investigations of Conceptual Learning, Motivation, and Problem Solving

"It is really cool to have both the access to the data and the statistical knowledge to be able to ask a question and then analyze the data without having to ask somebody else for help. I am also enjoying weekly readings and discussions. "


Supervising Faculty:

Tim Nokes-Malach, Ph.D.



Tim Nokes-Malach, Ph.D.


Area of Research:  Cognition, Motivation, Learning and Problem Solving


Description of Research:

Current projects focus on math (e.g., elementary statistics) and science (e.g., physics) learning. We conduct classroom and laboratory experiments in which we examine the effects of various types of learning activities on conceptual understanding, motivation, and problem solving.


Duties of Students:

Coding and scoring of problem solving data; Data entry in Excel; Conducting Experiments; Transcription and coding of verbal protocols and videos; Article searches.


Additional Requirements:

  • Overall GPA of 3.2 or higher in addition to department requirements


Terms offered: fall and spring


Number of Students: 2

Additional Information: See our lab page for more information: