Developmental Cognitive-Affective Neuroscience Studies

"I have achieved a deeper understanding of statistical analyses as I have worked with the pilot data for Dr. Ladouceur’s current study.  This required a lot of investigative work and through this I was able to also understand the current study better. "


Supervising Faculty:

Cecile D. Ladouceur, Ph.D



Cecile D. Ladouceur, Ph.D.
(412) 383-8192


Area of Research:  Developmental, Emotion, Cognition, Neuroscience, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder


Description of Research:

Directed research students are needed for two projects. The first project focuses on examining the influence of puberty on the development of neural systems involved in voluntary emotion regulation. Specifically, the study aims to use fMRI and EEG to determine in healthy adolescents how puberty influences neural activity in and functional connectivity between neural regions supporting attentional control in the context of emotional stimuli and how individual differences in the development of this circuitry contributes to increased vulnerability for affective disorders. The second project focuses on investigating the functioning of cognitive control of emotion and reward in young adults with childhood-onset ADHD.


Duties of Students:

Students will gain experience in the clinical research by participating in various aspects of the clinical research process. Students will assist with data collection, entry, management, and analysis.  Students will conduct relevant literature searches and assist with preparation of presentations and manuscripts. Students will attend research meetings, learn about relevant theory and procedures, and gain exposure to neuroimaging research in children and adolescents. Students will complete either a paper or poster presentation at the end of the semester.


Additional Requirements:

Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA and meet the other departmental requirements and a 2-term commitment is required.


Terms offered: fall and spring


Number of Students: 2