Language Development in Children

"I really enjoy actually going out into the field and conducting the test, especially since the sample we’re working with involves children, as well as the subject matter our study is concerned with (language development). This experience is allowing me to truly understand how to conduct an experiment from start to finish, including all the little details that are usually glossed over in class. This experience has also increased my interest in developmental psychology and research in general."


Supervising Faculty:

Jennifer Ganger



Jennifer Ganger
3405 Sennott Square


Area of Research:  Language development in children


Description of Research:

I study the development of grammar in 2- to 6-year-olds. My research is concerned with how children's language environments interact with innate abilities to help them learn language. 


Duties of Students:

To help run a study on language development in local preschools.  The student(s) will receive training, meet regularly with Dr. Ganger, test subjects, and produce a short final paper or poster on this project.


Additional Requirements:

  • Experience with preschool-age children
  • At least one course in linguistics, speech, language development, or a related area
  • At least one course in developmental psychology
  • A block of at least 3 hours free sometime during the week for testing


Terms offered: fall and spring


Number of Students:  1-2 students each semester