Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)

The UPMC/University of Pittsburgh CTSI Research Participant Registry
Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Forbes Tower, Suite 7057
Atwood and Sennott Streets
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Contact: Sue Clifton, M.Ed.,

Areas of Interest: Research, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Pre-med and health related careers, Public Health.

Who we are: The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at the University of Pittsburgh aims to improve the efficiency with which biomedical advances translate to improvements in the health of the community. CTSI is transforming the process of clinical and translational research through the provision of research and educational resources. CTSI helps researchers to conduct visionary and relevant clinical and translational research and to move actionable research findings into practice and prevention settings.

The UPMC/University of Pittsburgh CTSI Research Participant Registry is a component of CTSI, in partnership with UPMC. The goal of the Registry is to aid investigators with recruitment and to promote a research-informed community of potential research participants. After signed informed consent, the Registry uses a centralized IT-based system to collect relevant clinical information about participants for the purposes of matching participants with a clinical trial.

Description: The Research Participant Registry is a database that is made up of people who have volunteered to consider participation in research studies for themselves or their children. The goal is to bring medical research advances to those who can benefit from them, more directly and quickly. To date, the Registry has had more than 200,000 people sign up to hear more about research and health topics. Registry participants receive a letter or email that contains studies for which they might be eligible, based upon demographics, ICD-9/10 diagnosis codes, and participant-chosen health areas of interest. Recruitment for the Registry takes place at all UPMC patient offices and at community events.

Research studies. Potential participants are screened by Registry staff and if eligible, their contact information is forwarded to the study team for further screening and enrollment.

Duties of Student:

  • Recruitment of patients from UPMC offices to the Registry.  Intern will be stationed in various outpatient offices as assigned to speak to patients about research.  
  • Attendance to regularly scheduled sessions for educational presentations and discussions regarding research and recruitment.
  • Assistance as needed with scheduling, making rounds to the offices to provide support and general program implementation duties.


  • Email contact person letter of interest and resume to begin the interview process.
  • Activities required after confirmation of employment but before actual duties can be performed.  CTSI program leadership will help you to complete all of the below requirements.  These are recommended/required by the University and HRPO (Human Research Protection Office)
  • Create a new HSConnect account:   Note:  use your Pitt email address to create this account
  • Complete the Conflict of Interest (COI) Superform
  • CITI Training Modules (Conflicts of Interest, Human Subjects, Responsible Conduct of Research)
  • HIPAA Training Module for Researchers
  • Complete CTSI Confidentiality Statement 
  • PRISM Access
  • Pennsylvania State Background checks
  • Pennsylvania Criminal History Check
  • Pennsylvania FBI Check
  • Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center

 General Information: Most offices will be located within walking or bus distance of Pitt’s Oakland campus.

Terms Offered: Fall, spring, summer

Number of Students: 2 per term.  May continue as ongoing, paid position.