Family Involvement and Educational Outcomes in African American Adolescents

"By doing this research, it is allowing me to experience the processes and gives me time to learn about the ideas that interest me. I have become more familiar with statistical analysis and how to write a research journal. I will need it for medical school and my future occupation so the more experience, connections and knowledge I participate in, I have a better chance of becoming successful." 

Dr. Ming-Te Wang or Jackie Schall Linn

Area of Research:
Project title – Family Involvement and Educational Outcomes in African American Adolescents

Description of Research:
We are looking for undergraduate students who are interested in gaining research experience working on a survey research project examining the relationship between parental racial socialization practices and ethnic and racial identity, academic achievement, and psychosocial functioning (depression, self-esteem, engagement, anger, discrimination). Training will be provided for all phases of the project. It is a great opportunity to learn how to conduct all aspects of a research project, from development, to data collection, to data management and analysis.

Duties of Students:
Undergraduate research assistants will assist in all phases of the research project: survey development and building, data collection, survey data management and database building, analysis, and presentation. Students should be available at least 2 days per week. Total number of hours of participation per week will be 10-12 hours for 3 credits.


  • Students should meet Departmental criteria for eligibility for directed research
  • A 2 semester commitment is required
  • Outstanding academic writing skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Enjoy working and interacting with elementary, middle, and/or high school kids
  • Students in STEM or Psychology majors are particularly encouraged to apply

Number of Students:  Varies by semester

Students should contact Dr. Ming-Te Wang and provide him with a CV, a short writing sample, and letter of interest.