Neurobiology of Social Bonding

"My experience is giving me valuable, hands-on skills in neuroimaging and participant recruiting/ screening/ running that I have learned in my classes but never had real-world experience in. I think my experience working with Dr. Inagaki contributes to my undergraduate degree/experience greatly and makes me a much more competent candidate for jobs/other research positions and for graduate schools."


Supervising Faculty:

Dr. Tristen Inagaki



Tristen Inagaki


Area of Research:  Social Psychology, Social Neuroscience, Health Psychology


Description of Research:

The studies being conducted in the lab examine the experience of social connection and how we are able to form and maintain deep emotional bonds with others. In particular, we use behavioral, pharmacological, and MRI methods to better understand how we bond with others and the health-related consequences of feeling connected to others. 


Duties of Students:

We are seeking motivated, enthusiastic, organized, and reliable undergraduates who are interested in interdisciplinary research involving social psychology, health psychology, pharmacology and neuroimaging. Interested students will have the unique opportunity to be involved in all stages of our projects. We are recruiting research assistants to become involved in study administration, data collection, and data entry. In future terms, research assistants will have the opportunity to assist in data analysis. We would prefer if interested research assistants provide at least a two-term commitment of 8 hours per week minimum.


Additional Requirements:

  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • At least 12 credits in Psychology, including PSY 0105 (Social Psychology) and PSY 0035 (Research Methods)
  • Two-term commitment is required


Terms offered: fall, spring and summer


Number of Students: 2