Study of Arabic Vocabulary Learning

Supervising Faculty:
Dr. Natasha Tokowicz
Natasha Tokowicz
634 LRDC
Area of Research:  Cognitive Psychology/Neuroscience; Second Language Learning
Description of Research:
This project includes a study of learning Arabic vocabulary. We examine the role of transliterations in learning, as well as the organization of items in themes. In this project, research assistants will help code learners’ vocal responses and rate them in terms of how native-like they are.
Duties of Students:
• Read relevant research articles and discuss them and other related theoretical issues at research meetings
• Assist with data coding and analysis
Additional Requirements:
• Native Arabic speaker
• Reliable individuals interested in gaining research experience
• Preferred 3.3 GPA or higher
• Minimum of 2 credits per semester
• Recommended basic computer skills and familiarity with Excel
• Availability for weekly lab meetings on Fridays from 10-11 AM is preferred
Terms offered: fall, spring and summer
Number of Students: up to 2