Walter Schneider, Ph.D.






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Research Interests

Brain imaging; Traumatic brain injury; Connectivity mapping; Learning, executive control, attention & computational modeling.


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Accepting Graduate Students: Yes


  • PhD, Indiana University


  • Publication 439

    Cole M.W., Schneider W. (2007). The cognitive control network: Integrated cortical regions with dissociable functions. Neuroimage. 2007 Aug 1;37(1):343-60. Epub 2007 Apr 25.

  • Publication 365

    Hill, N. M. & Schneider, W. (2006) Brain changes in the development of expertise: Neurological evidence on skill-based adaptations. In K. A. Ericsson, N. Charness, P. Feltovich, and R. Hoffman (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance. New York: Cambridge University, 653-682.

  • Publication 364

    Chein, J. M. & Schneider W. (2005) Neuroimaging studies of practice-related change: fMRI and meta-analytic evidence of a domain-general control network for learning. Cognitive Brain Research, 25 (3), 607-623.

  • Publication 180

    Schneider, W & Chein, J. M., (2003) Controlled & Automatic Processing: From Mechanisms to Biology. Cognitive Science, 27:525-559.

  • Publication 944

    Verstynen, TD, Weinstein, AM, Schneider, WW, Jakicic, JM, Rofey, DL, Erickson, KI. (in press). Increased body mass index is associated with global decreases in white matter microstructural integrity. Psychosomatic Medicine.