Robert B. McCall, Ph.D.


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Research Interests

Applied developmental research and interventions; development of orphanage children.


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Accepting Graduate Students: No


  • PhD, University of Illinois


  • Society for Research in Child Development Distinguished Contribution to Public Policy for Children Award (2003)
  • Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in both Research and Community Service (1998)
  • American Psychological Association Distinguished Contribution to Public Service (1994)


  • Publication 867

    McCall, R. B. (2011). Research, practice, and policy perspectives on issues of children without permanent parental care. In R. B. McCall, M. H. van IJzendoorn, F. Juffer, C. J. Groark, and V. K. Groza (Eds.), Children without permanent parents: Research, practice, and policy. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, Serial No. 301, 76(4), 223-272.

  • Publication 583

    Groark, C. J., & McCall, R.B. (2008). Community-based interventions and services. Rutters Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 5th Edition (pp. 971Ð988). London, UK: Blackwell.

  • Publication 655

    Hawk, B., & McCall, R.B. (2010). CBCL behavior problems of post-institutionalized international adoptees. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 13, 199-211.

  • Publication 580

    McCall, R. B. (2009). Evidence-based programming in the context of practice and policy. SRCD Social Policy Report, 23(3), 3Ð18.

  • Publication 352

    Groark, C.J., & McCall, R.B. (2005). Integrating developmental scholarship into practice and policy. In M.H. Bornstein and M.E. Lamb (Eds.), Developmental psychology: An advanced textbook, 5th Edition (pp. 570-601). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.