Peter J. Gianaros, Ph.D.


506 Old Engineering Hall



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Research Interests

Neurobiology of psychological stress, socioeconomic status, and cardiovascular disease risk.


Accepting Graduate Students: Yes

Graduate Student Advisees

  • Lockwood, Kimberly
  • Thomas Kraynak


  • PhD, Penn State University


  • American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Early Career Scientific Contributions to Psychology in Health Psychology (2010)
  • The Herbert Weiner Early Career Award, American Psychosomatic Society (2008)


  • gianaros 1

    Cohen S, Gianaros PJ, Manuck SB (2016). A stage model of stress and disease. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 11, 456-63.

  • gianaros 2

    Gianaros PJ, Kuan D C-H, Marsland AL, Sheu LK, Hackman DA, Miller KG, Manuck SB (in press). Community socioeconomic disadvantage in midlife relates to cortical morphology via neuroendocrine and cardiometabolic pathways. Cerebral Cortex.

  • gianaros 4

    Gianaros PJ, Marsland AL, Kuan D C-H, Jennings JR, Sheu LK, Hariri AR, Gross JJ, Manuck SB (2014). An inflammatory pathway links atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk to neural activity evoked by the cognitive regulation of emotion. Biological Psychiatry, 75, 738-45.