Natasha Tokowicz, Ph.D.


634 LRDC 3939 O'Hara St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15260





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Research Interests

Second language learning; Bilingualism; Meaning representation; Cognitive neuroscience of language processing.


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Cognitive Psychology Program Chair

Accepting Graduate Students: Yes


  • Psycholinguistic Underpinnings of Multilingualism (PLUM) Lab
  • Reading and Language Laboratories

Graduate Student Advisees

  • Regina Calloway
  • Caitlin Rice
  • Gabriela Terrazas Duarte


  • PhD, Penn State University


  • Publication 939

    Eddington, C. M., & Tokowicz, N. (2013). Examining English-German translation ambiguity using primed translation recognition. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 16 442-457.

  • Publication 941

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  • Publication 556

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  • Publication 555

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  • Publication 554

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  • Publication 1014

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  • Publication 1013

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  • Publication 1012

    Presson, N., MacWhinney, B., & Tokowicz, N. (in press). Learning grammatical gender: The use of rules by novice learners. Applied Psycholinguistics.

  • Publication 1011

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  • Publication 942

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  • Publication 598

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