Karen Matthews, Ph.D.


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Research Interests

Life span development and cardiovascular health.


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Research Interests: Behavioral risk factors for cardiovascular disease at developmental transitions in the life span, how behavioral risk factors relate to subclinical cardiovascular disease among adolescents and middle-aged adults, menopause and women's health

Accepting Graduate Students: No

Graduate Student Advisees

  • Jakubowski, Karen


  • PhD, University of Texas, Austin


  • American Psychosomatic Society Patricia R. Barchas Award (2013)
  • James McKeen Cattell Lifetime Achievement Award for Applied Research, Association of Psychological Science (2013)
  • Nathan Perry Career Service to Health Psychology Award, Division 38 Health Psychology, American Psychological Association (2011)
  • Philosophiae Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Helsinki, Finland (2007)
  • American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientist Award (2005)
  • American Psychosomatic Society President's Award (2005)
  • Member, Institute of Medicine (2002)
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, Department of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin (2001)
  • Distinguished Scientist Award, Society of Behavioral Medicine (1999)
  • Award for Significant Research Contribution, Society of Pediatric Psychology (1994)
  • Award for Distinguished Contributions to Health Psychology, Division 38, American Psychological Association (1992)
  • MERIT Award (Method to Extend Research in Time), NIH, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (1990)


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  • Publication 249

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  • Publication 427

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  • Publication 426

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  • Publication 508

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  • Publication 627

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  • Publication 648

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  • Publication 647

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  • Publication 1038

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  • Publication 1036

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  • Publication 1035

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  • Publication 683

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  • Publication 793

    Gibson C., Bromberger J, Weiss G, Thurston R, Sowers MF, Matthews KA. Negative attitudes and affect do not predict elective hysterectomy: A prospective analysis from the Study of Womens Health Across the Nation. Menopause (In press).

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