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Research Interests

Communicative development; gesture; motor development; autism spectrum disorders; atypical development.


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Research Interests: Nature and development of the relationship between gesture and speech; infant vocal-motor activity as a potential precursor of the gesture-speech link; motor and communicative development in infants at increased biological risk for autism spectrum disorders; early identification of developmental delay and autism spectrum disorders.

Accepting Graduate Students: Yes


Infant Communication Lab

Studies of the relationship between speech and gesture and developmental precursors in typically-developing children and children with, or at risk for, developmental disorders.

Director:   Jana Iverson, PhD

Location:  3311 Sennott Square

Contact:  412-624-9355

Pittsburgh Early Autism Study

We are studying infants who have an older sibling diagnosed with an austism spectrum disorder (ASD) to look for infant behaviors that may predict a later ASD diagnosis. Family home videos of children later diagnosed with ASD suggest that diagnostic signs of ASD may emerge within the first year of life.

Our Team:

Jana Iverson, PhD

Mark Strauss, PhD

Susan Campbell, PhD

Contact: 1-866-647-3436 or autismrecruiter@pitt.edu

Graduate Student Advisees

  • Leezenbaum, Nina
  • Northrup, Jessie
  • West, Kelsey
  • Emily Roemer


  • PhD, University of Chicago


  • Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award (2007)


  • Publication 960

    Sheinkopf, S.J., Iverson, J.M., Rinaldi, M.L., & Lester, B.M (in press). Atypical cry acoustics in 6-month old infants at-risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism Research.

  • Publication 835

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  • Publication 671

    ParladÕ©, M.V., & Iverson, J.M. (in press). The reorganization of communicative behavior around the onset of the vocabulary spurt. Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics.

  • Publication 602

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  • Publication 601

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  • Publication 600

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  • Publication 445

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