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Research Interests: Place attachment and motivational factors in migration decisions; Interpersonal violence; Cross-cultural studies of work and gender

Accepting Graduate Students: No



  • PhD, University of California at Los Angeles


  • Identified as a "Pioneer in Feminist Psychology" by the Association for Women in Psychology (2009)
  • Unger-Frieze Prize announced for the Best Research Poster by a student at the meetings of the Association for Women in Psychology. This is sponsored by the Researchers’ Caucus honoring Rhoda Unger and Irene Frieze “for their early leadership in feminist r
  • Received an award for best poster by the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues for work co-authored with a student. [“Understanding Adolescent Peer Sexual Abuse: Using the Theory of Planned Behavior” by Man Yu Li, Catherine So Kum Tang & Ir
  • Selected for an oral history of my life as one of the “influential leaders of the women’s movement” in Pittsburgh in the late 1900s(2008)
  • Recognized by the Dean of Students, University of Pittsburgh, for service to undergraduate students (2008)
  • Elected to Division 34 (Environmental Psychology) of APA as a Fellow (2007)
  • Division 52 Denmark-Reuder Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Psychology of Women and Gender (2005)
  • President, University of Pittsburgh Faculty Senate (2005-2006)
  • President, SPSSI, Division 9, American Psychological Association (2006-2007)
  • Distinguished Service Award. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (2003)
  • Visiting Professor. University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (2003)
  • Editor, Journal of Social Issues
  • Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association Legacy Award (2000)
  • Distinguished Leadership Award from the American Psychological Association's Committee on Women in Psychology (2000)
  • Distinguished Publication Award, Association for Women in Psychology (1998)
  • Visiting Professor. University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (1998)
  • Visiting Professor. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland (1998)
  • Elected as a Charter Fellow of Division 52 of the American Psychological Association (1998)
  • Associate Editor, Violence and Victims (1985-1999)
  • Book Review Editor, Psychology of Women Quarterly (1994-1998)


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  • Publication 987

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  • Publication 983

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  • Publication 1042

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  • Publication 984

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  • Publication 981

    Li, M., Frieze, I. H., Nokes-Malach, T., Cheong, J. (in press). Do friends always help your study? Mediating processes between social relations and academic motivation. Social Psychology of Education.