Greg J. Siegle, Ph.D.


WPIC -- 3811 O'Hara St.

Pittsburgh 15213





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Research Interests

Cognitive and affective neuroscience focusing on mood disorders.


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Research Interests: Physiological and neuroimaging investigation of emotional information processing and interactions between emotion and cognition in healthy individuals and individuals who are clinically depressed; computational neural network modeling of interactions of emotion and cognition, and their application to affective psychopathology; brain mechanisms and predictors of recovery from depression and anxiety

Accepting Graduate Students: No




  • PhD, San Diego University/ University of California, San Diego


  • Joseph Zubin Memorial Fund Award for Research in Psychopathology, 2008
  • Beck Institute Scholar, 2007
  • Selected as one of two researchers in the country to represent NIMH to Congress at the 10th anniversary of the Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research, 2006


  • Publication 1094

    Silk JS, Siegle GJ, Whalen DJ, Ostapenko L, Ladouceur CD, Dahl RE. Pubertal changes in emotional information processing: pupillary, behavioral, and subjective evidence during emotional word identification. Development & Psychopathology. 2009 Winter;21(1):7-26.

  • Publication 1097

    Tan PZ, Forbes EE, Dahl RE, Ryan ND, Siegle GJ, Ladouceur CD, Silk JS. Emotional reactivity and regulation in anxious and non-anxious youth: a cell-phone ecological momentary assessment study. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry. 2012 February; 53(2): 197-206.

  • Publication 1099

    Silk JS, Sheeber L, Tan PZ, Ladouceur CD, Forbes EE, McMakin DL, Dahl RE, Siegle GJ, Kendall PC, Mannarino A, Ryan ND . You can do it!: The role of parental encouragement to approach fears in child anxiety treatment. Journal of Anxiety Disorders. 2013 June; 27(5):439-446.

  • Publication 504

    DeRubeis, R.J., Siegle, G. J., Hollon, S., (2008). Cognitive therapy versus medications for depression: treatment outcomes and neural mechanisms. Nature neuroscience: Reviews, 9, 788-796.

  • Publication 397

    Siegle, G.J., Steinhauer, S.R., Thase, M.E. (2004). Pupillary assessment and computational modeling of the Stroop task in depression. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 52, 63-76.

  • Publication 396

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  • Publication 394

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