Carl N Johnson







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Research Interests: Developmental, cultural, and individual differences in children's thinking about mind, magic, and metaphysics

Accepting Graduate Students: No

Selected Publications

  • Roazzi, M; Nyhof, M.; Johnson, C. (in press). Exploring adults’ intuitions on supernatural agents: a study of mind, soul and spirit. To appear in the International Journal for the Psychology of Religion – Special Issue dedicated to Cognitive Science of Religion.
  • Johnson, Carl (2008). The spirit of spiritual development. In R. Lerner, R. Roeser, and E. Phelps (Eds), Positive Youth Development and Spirituality: From Theory to Research. West Conshohocken, Pa.: Templeton Foundation Press.
  • Wellman, H. M. & Johnson, C. N. (2008). Developing dualism: From intuitive understanding to transcendental ideas. In A. Antonietti, A. Corradina & E. J. Lowe (Eds.) Psycho-Physical Dualism Today: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  • Johnson, C.N. (2000). Putting different things together: The development of metaphysical thinking. In Rosengren, K.S., Johnson, C.N. & Harris, P.L. (eds.) Imagining the Impossible: The Development of Magical, Scientific and Religious thinking in Children. New York: Cambridge University Press. (Abstract-html)

Graduate Student Advisees

  • Satlof-Bedrick, Emma


  • PhD, University of Minnesota