Aidan G.C. Wright, Ph.D.


4121 Sennott Square 210 S. Bouquet St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15260





Research Interests

Personality disorders; social processes in psychopathology; structure of psychopathology; quantitative methodology.


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Research Interests: Broadly, I am interested in understanding the defining features of personality pathology (i.e., personality disorders).  In my research I examine the processes and outcomes of personality in order to clarify what distinguishes adaptive and maladaptive personality functioning.  In other words, what aspects of thinking, feeling, and behaving allow some to effectively manage and have rewarding relationships and achieve their life goals, whereas others struggle so much with these basic human tasks.  My research is grounded in basic personality science, which serves as integrative framework for the study of personality, its pathology, and other forms of psychopathology.  More specific interests of mine include pathological narcissism and borderline personality pathology which each have considerable personal and social costs.  Methodologically I am increasingly focusing on capturing the important adaptive and maladaptive features of individuals’ personalities as they are expressed in life as it is lived.  By using intensive repeated measurement in both naturalistic (e.g., ecological momentary assessment, daily diaries) and laboratory settings (e.g., momentary coding of interpersonal behavior) we can better capture and statistically model the dynamic processes of personality as they play out in vivo or in real time.  This work seeks to (a) improve our basic understanding of the phenomena that make up personality disorders, and (b) identify clinically actionable targets for intervention.

Accepting Graduate Students: Yes

Graduate Student Advisees:

Betsy Edershile

Will Woods

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  • Ph.D., Penn State University


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