Joseph Stafura



Faculty Advisor: 

Charles Perfetti

About Me: 

If I have spare time I generally spend it reading modern fiction (mostly) and non-fiction, as well as watching movies. I am also a big fan of cooking, and am a lover of all things coffee. Beyond that, I am a lucky guy in that I get to pursue a graduate education in psychology in my hometown, with my family and friends nearby.

Education & Training

  • B.A., State University of New York - Purchase College
  • M.S., University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

My interests within cognitive psychology are broad, but revolve around a core focus on language comprehension, primarily written language. Through a variety of experimental approaches, including behavioral and electrophysiological methods, I hope to gain a better understanding of how the brain/mind perceives and understands words under any number of conditions, such as within the context of sentences. Also, through the study of other languages such as Chinese, I will be looking at the similarities and differences in the cognitive processes involving in learning and reading in different language systems.