University of Pittsburgh

Marsland, Anna

Marsland, Anna

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Biological and Health Program, Clinical Program, Clinical/Health Program


4119 Sennott Square or 603 OEH
412-624-4530 or 412-624-2434
Fax: 412-624-9108

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Research Interests: (1) Psychoneuroimmunology - human immune responses to acute and chronic stress and implications for disease processes; (2) the psychological and physical benefit of stress management interventions for children with asthma; (3) the benefit of stress management interventions for families of children newly diagnosed with cancer; (4) the impact of inflammatory processes on age-related cognitive decline

Accepting Graduate Students: Yes

Selected Publications

  • Prather, A.A.*, Carroll, J.E.*, Fury, J.M., McDade, K.K., Ross, D., & Marsland, A.L. (in press). Gender differences in stimulated cytokine production following acute psychological stress. Brain, Behavior and Immunity.
  • Ewing, L.J., Long, K.*, Rotondi, A., Howe C., Bill, L., & Marsland, A.L. Brief report: A Pilot Study of a Web-based Resource for Families of Children with Cancer. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. 2009 34:523-529.
  • Marsland, A.L., Prather, A.A.*, Petersen, K.L.*, Cohen, S., & Manuck, S.B. Antagonistic Characteristics are Positively Associated with Inflammatory Markers Independently of Trait Negative Emotionality. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. 2008 22:753-61.
  • Marsland, A.L., Gianaros, P.J., Abramowitch, S.M., Manuck, S.B., & Hariri, A.R. Interleukin-6 covaries inversely with hippocampal grey matter volume in middle-aged adults. Biological Psychiatry 2008 64:484-490.
  • Marsland, A.L., Cohen, S., Rabin, B.S., & Manuck, S.B. Positive affect and antibody response to hepatitis B vaccination. Brain, Behavior and Immunity; 2006 20:261-269.
  • Marsland, A.L., Petersen, K.L., Sathanoori, R., Flory, J.D., Muldoon, M.F., Neumann, S.A., & Manuck, S.B. Interleukin-6 covaries inversely with cognitive performance among middle-aged community volunteers. Psychosomatic Medicine; 2006 68:895-903

Graduate Student Advisees

  • Lim, Alvin
  • Messay, Berhane